Bicycle maintenance tips

7 Essential Bicycle Maintenance Tips Every Rider Should Know


  1. Keep Your Bike Clean-When you clean your bike, it will help prevent dirt and grease buildup from eating through your bike’s mechanical parts.
  2. Lubricate Your Drivetrain-wipe off and clean your chain after a ride. When using lube, add just a tiny amount and wipe off any excess. Using too much lube can attract more dirt and negatively impact shifting.
  3. Inspect Your Tires-Always inspect your tires and check their pressure using a floor pump. After ensuring that your tires are inflated correctly, check them for other damage or wear that may cause them to go flat during a ride.
  4. Be Sure Bolts, Screws, and Nuts are Tightened-quickly check for any loose bolts, screws, or nuts before you head out.
  5. Check Your Brakes and Brake Cables-  Depending on your bikes breaking systems; coaster brake, cantilever wheel brakes, or even disc brakes, please take a moment to make sure you have the ability to stop before you leave your house.
  6. Learn How to Fix a Flat Tire-Take a class, get advice from a local bicycle shop or check out a “You Tube” video. If you are going on a ride away from your home, pack a spare tube, changing tools and either a pump or a C02 system to reinflate the tube.
  7. Get Your Bike Serviced- Every year, it’s important to have your bicycle checked by a trained bicycle mechanic, or please look for a bicycle maintance class close to you to learn how and what to look for and repair.

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