The Village Church is a congregation which is rooted in time, relevant for today, and reaching for tomorrow.

     Our teaching is based on the solid Word of God, which gives encouragement, guidance, and direction to our lives.

The Mission, Vision and Strategy of

The Village Church Lutheran


Through the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, The Village Church - Lutheran will empower and equip individuals to deepen their relationship with the Lord by taking ownership of their faith through worship, Christian education and fellowship with outreach and service to others.


We will endeavor to accomplish this by:

1. Maintaining and advocating the core values of the (LCMS) Church,

2. Facilitating strong pastoral and lay leadership,

3. Engaging the youth and adults and fostering them to become life-long

    learners and followers of Christ,

4. Offering opportunities to “plug in” in order to develop faith of self and others,

5. Providing a Care Ministry for our church, and

6. Supporting the greater needs of our community.



The Village Church - Lutheran will be the inviting congregation for individuals to grow together in the faith that is centered on Jesus Christ, to serve with compassion, and to share God's love and forgiveness with all.


     1. We will be a community focused church.
     2. We will lead people to discover, accept and live out their calling as Christians in this world.
     3. We will keep the Next Generation as today’s priority.

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